Friday, February 29, 2008

Model Baby

Sparkly Blue Eyes
Little Smirk

She has the SWEETEST face! I can't get over how pretty she is... but I guess that's part of my job. She is growing up so quickly. Right when I begin to feel comfortable with a stage she's going through, she'll wake up the next morning completely different. Her personality really has began to shine through though. She is very VERY curious and loves to go new places now. She wants to put her hands (and mouth) on everything she sees. She is beginning to warm up very nicely to people she doesn't know, although she still favors Tanner and I. If she doesn't get something she wants, she wont scream, but squeal. Not too loudly at first, but it slowly increases if she isn't getting whatever it is. She still has very girly noises, but still has a tendancy to spit quite often. It really is how she shows she likes you! She can sit up by herself now too!! It's very cute and from the looks she gives me, makes her feel a bit more grown up as well. :) Layla is slowly being introduced to the world of playdates. She hasn't been around other babies/kids very much, but seems to be very intrigued by them. She doesn't mind sharing too much, although I don't think she's old enough to really fight back if she wanted to. I just love how she just soaks in the world around her and how everything is so new and exciting. The other day we were playing on the stairs (safely!) and I crouched down to her level and realized how different everything looked! The stairs looked much more grand from her perspective! I can't wait to show her more!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Makes me Laugh

Doesn't Layla look like she is posessed or should be in a horror movie or something?? She's a cute girl, but this picture kinda gives me the creeps.
Okay... let me explain. We just got home from rushing to drop off a dinner for my neighbor (who just had a baby). Layla was mad because I had to put her jacket on, so right when we got home I went straight to the couch to sit her down, so I could take it off. Well she kept locking her legs and was refusing to sit! So I just set her there and she stood!! It looks really funny to me, a little baby standing there on the couch. I was able to grab my camera quick to take these two shots while she balanced. (Don't worry, my hand was off to the side ready to catch her if she fell.)
I wish she was walking already... it'd be SO cute!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gotta do it!

I just saw that I was Tagged by Emily and now I feel compelled to fill this thing out... even though I just posted. Sorry guys.
10 years ago...
I was 11... hmm just moved to Sumner, was trying to grow the bangs out (gotta love the side clippies), and Taytum was my best friend and still is one of them! (who knew I'd marry her cousin!!).
5 things on my list to do today... (well tomorrow for me)
1. Get a membership at the school gym.
2. Make enchiladas for my neighbor who just had a baby!
3. Find the missing baby socks... I miss the green, purple, and yellow ones!!
4. Fix the shower curtain rings (okay, today I nearly died in the shower. I slipped on my numb foot and fell into the curtain. I grabbed hold for dear life and was able to steady myself enough, so I wouldn't fall. So now the metal rings are all deformed... maybe I'll just buy new ones.)
5. Make Layla laugh!!
What I would do if I were suddenly a millionaire...
Pay off all my medical bills and Tanner's schooling. Then buy a house. I think it'd be fun to find random people walking around town and surprise them with $100. Lots of poor college students here who would be very grateful!
3 of my bad habits...
1. Eating VERY late at night. Sometimes after Layla wakes up, I go downstairs and eat cookies.
2. BLOGGING way too much... I know that no one is as interested in my blog as I am.
3. Leaving my keys in the ignition... most of the time if I can't find them right away, I know right where to find them. SO bad of me! (by the way... my car is not worth stealing. It's currently stuck at the other end of the parking lot... just in case any of my neighbors are getting any ideas :)
5 places I have lived...
1. El Cajon, CA
2. La Mesa, CA
3. Federal Way, WA
4. Edgewood, WA
5. Rexburg, ID
5 jobs I have had...
1. McDonalds, gotta admit it. (gross, I know)
2. Sunset Chevrolet (receptionist) Most car salesmen are dirty rotten men!!
3. Fred Meyer (cashier)
4. Fish Tackle Shop (I can't believe I forgot the name of the company!! Paige, help me out!)
5. Mother to Layla... best job, by far!
5 things people don't know about me...
1. My eyes are different colors... one is dark mud brown, the other is light brown/hazel.
2. I have a completely numb left leg.
3. I eat peanut butter everyday... but only Adam's all Natural. I can't stand any other "FAKE" kind!! Sorry, that was harsh.
4. I only sleep with the sheet of my bed covering me, even in the winter. I just like the way it feels.
5. I am deathly afraid of owls. Go ahead, rub it in.
Ten years, hmmm I'll be 31. Hopefully I'll be finished being pregnant... or at least close! Living in Washington, working on building our own house! DREAM ON!
I Tag Michelle, Paige, and Callie. (Don't feel obligated)

A Bunch of Stuff

Well... it seems like a lot has happened since I posted last. My Mom came and stayed with us for a while. It was a treat! She took the shuttle from Salt Lake (Sorry Mom), so we picked her up from at the school. I assumed that she'd want to sit in the backseat with Layla, so I let her jump right in. Mistake. Layla screamed her head off right when she saw my Mom! I felt horrible! So I jumped back there instead. I should have known that it would take a little while before she'd warm up to her. It had been almost 2 months since she'd seen her last, and she was too young to remember right away. Plus, no one rides in the backseat with her, so that alone probably freaked her out. Luckily it only took about 15 mins, because before I knew it, Nonna had baby rolling in laughter! We had fun while the time lasted (too short of a visit!).
Layla had her first food (other than rice cereal) Sweet Potatoes! She seemed to like them fine, but I think they ended up making her sick. I am so nervous feeding her new foods and Tanner knows this, so I think he bugs me on purpose. We went to Applebee's for date night (we had a gift card, Thanks Heather!) and got dessert. Tanner ended up feeding her ice cream!! I was so mad. Okay so he didn't really spoon ice cream into her mouth, but he'd take a bite, then let her lick the remnants off the spoon. I think she got sick from that too.
Which brings me to my next subject... Layla has been a bit sick lately. It has mainly been a night affair, but still heartbreaking non the less. She woke up Friday night covered in throw-up (the kind that smells really bad!) and kept throwing up for about an hour. I felt SOOOOO bad for her, although there was no fever. She woke up the next morning happy as a clam though, so who knows what it was. (probably the food she's been eating!). Then today, Sunday she woke up a bit under the weather again! But as the day progressed she seemed to be just fine. What is up with this baby! Hopefully it's nothing serious... sorry for my boring chatter. Hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend!
Cutie girl (and a new bow I stiched together for her while she napped)
Tasty fingers!
Gotta love the gums!
Sweet Potatoes (it was cute, because she'd always reach for my arm to guide the spoon to her mouth! She is a very strong little baby!)
Don't mind the laundry hanging on the furniture.
All done!
I love my Nonna Cindy!
Another new headband (and her favorite toy! The travel wipes!)
Okay, so we went to church last Sunday dressed up in this new green number. Cute, eh? Well, this is how she looked on her way there....
And this is how she looked once we made home! I promise it wasn't like that long, but it made us crack up especially because she was so calm. Just had that little pouty frown, but kept really still. So funny!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scary Kitty

My little eskimo!

Weird title, I know. But really, it's quite fitting. Today my Mom and I went shopping. First we went to Wal-Mart, bought some random items: onesies, eyeliner, popcorn, stretchy lace, a new hat for Layla. Then we decided that we needed some random groceries as well and headed over to Albertson's. Apples, sun chips, crisco, wax paper... anyway we got to the baby isle and found a few toys that made animal sounds when you pressed them. A duckie, "Quack, quack!". A frog, "Ribbit, ribbit!". And then a kitty, "MEOOOOOOOOOWZA, YIPPY YIPPY!! YAHOOO!! HEY HEY HEY!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEOW!". This was a toy cat on steroids!! Of course we had been putting them right up to Layla in her carseat, so once we got the the cat, she started freaking out! My Mom and I couldn't stop laughing though, it was so unexpectantly hilarious. But then about 30 seconds later (while we're still laughing), I hear Layla make some weird gagging noise. I look down and she's frantically trying to swallow!! What the heck! Of course she's all strapped in, which made it difficult for a Mom who was all in a panic to get her out quickly. I managed to sweep her out and pat her on the back just in time to hear her let out the biggest cough/gag/puking noise I've ever heard. Scared me to death. She's okay, but kept swallowing strangely for the rest of the outing. So that's my story for the day... oh and I made REAL cheesecake for the first time and totally burnt it. Luckily I had enough filling left over and made a mini one that turned out great! I made three more headbands (hopefully they'll fit on Layla... I just kinda guessed the size, because she's sleeping). OH and I got a wonderful package from my Dad. A super cute San Diego Charger's cheerleading outfit, and one of those super neat picture frames with one side filled with clay so you can put your baby's hand/foot prints in it! Hopefully Layla will cooperate with that, so we can have a nice keepsake! Thanks Dad! I'll be sending a REAL letter as soon as I can get some stamps. Well, I hope everyone has had a nice day! Oh my gosh, it's WAY past my bedtime!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thanks Kayla and Paul!

I was so excited today when Tanner came home with a package!! I love packages. They're so much fun, especially when you live far away from family and friends. Most of the time they're just for Layla, but SO fun for me too! My brother Paul and his girlfriend Kayla sent Layla a Valentine's Package with a new little heart onesie and a SUPER cute "Who Loves Baby" Book, filled with pictures of family. Thank you so much Kayla and Paul. We love and miss you guys a ton!
Here's Layla reading her new book.
"This shirt is SO cute! Just checkin it out :)"
"Let me take a closer look..."
"It's gotta pass the taste test!"
Layla and I hamming it up for the camera! Cute!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Just Hanging Out

Caught in mid-sentence... more like mid-scream.
So serious
I finally took one of her suckin the ol' thumb. So cute.
twinkle toes
Sorry if my new blog background is too bright or busy, I'm still working on it. I just got tired of the old black default one. We're all doing pretty good. Our good friends Luke and Haylee babysat Layla for the first time yesterday, while we went to the Rexburg Temple Dedication. The Dedication was wonderful, but Layla was not. I guess she screamed and cried non-stop for the first hour!! Poor baby! I felt really bad for our friends! They don't have any kids yet, so hopefully they'll still want some after dealing with Ms. Screamy. Even though it was sad, I did feel REALLY good seeing her again, and knowing that she missed me. Hopefully she'll improve with babysitters over time, or else we may never find one that sticks around!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Project!

Hair Bows for Layla! I decided that I didn't want to spend $12 on a headband, so here are my attempts. I searched the house for supplies and ended up having enough stuff for two. I need a little practice with the stitching, but they don't look too hideous.

My Beautiful Model!
So Cute!
I finished this one after Layla had fallen asleep, so I asked the glo-worm to help me out.

Diaper Head

Okay... we're mean parents. At least it's a fresh one!
Side View
Super Diaper Baby flying in the air!
I thought this was really funny. I caught her playing with her feet when she was supposed to be sleeping. The look on her face is priceless!
Then she got excited

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy to Wake!

Layla is a tummy sleeper, so whenever I hear her awake on the monitor, I know she's flipping over. It's the cutest thing though, to catch her in that moment. She gets SOOO excited to see either Tanner or I come and get her! She's a major drooler too.
"Yo! Mamma! Look, I'm awake!"
"I love it when naptime is over!"
Her newest trick... grabbing her feet!