Thursday, April 28, 2011

Off to the zoo.

I don't know why I took a million pictures, but I did.
Maybe because this is one of the first, fun outings we've gone on since the weather has started clearing up.
We were really excited!

Can you tell?
Gwen's favorite thing ever, ducks!
"Kack, Kack!"

One thing that was pretty funny, was Layla would ask if EACH animal would eat her.
Even the ducks.
I would tell her no, animals don't eat people and she'd then repeat it to herself the whole trip.
"Animals don't eat people. Animals don't eat people...."

Here... I asked Layla what a rooster says and she dramatically answered with a

A few peacocks were scattered about the zoo
and every time Layla saw one she would yell,
"Show me your colors! Show me your REAL colors!!"
Then we had a nice little picnic lunch at a park across from the zoo.

I can't wait for more fun days like this!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I'm a bad wife and forgot to bring my camera to graduation.
But, my wonderful sister in law Sharsti was nice enough to snap a few pictures for us!
Thank you!

(Tanner and Bishop Johnson. Tanner served as second counselor with him last year in a student ward on campus)

(Tanner's parents)

(Our family)

(And us)

I'm so proud of this guy.

Easter Sunday

I am so thankful for this special holiday.
A day to recognize the amazing life and message of our savior
and most importantly his atoning sacrifice for us.
He lives!

Here are my little Easter beauties all ready for church.
I am in love with their dresses.
Thanks Nonna!

My hair looks seriously red in this picture.
I haven't colored it for YEARS, so it must have some natural red hue to it?

Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt

All ready to go!

Gwen found one and then was finished.
After seeing that candy, that was it!

Layla was a bit of an egg nazi.
Oh well, enjoy the perks of being the oldest while you can.

Okay, so I'm a little ashamed to say that this is the first egg hunt for BOTH of our girls.
As a kid we never did the big community hunts, or had a ton of family nearby to get together with. SO, that's made me a little less ambitious about making this holiday so huge,
in the "egg hunting" sense anyway.

I decided that it'd be fun and not at all stressful to have a little hunt here in our yard.
And I was right!
It was simple and fun.