Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Ft. Worth...

Joel and Sarah's family took us to a really fun Children's Museum on the second day we stayed with them. Unfortunately I forgot my camera that day, which may or may not have something to do with the incredibly large tantrums that both Layla and Gwen threw that morning. 
They must have set some sort of record for longest, most drawn out, for no reason, fit ever.
I was so embarrassed.
But after everything was remedied with a pair of kitty boots (thanks Emma)
and another quick reminder that we'd be headed somewhere fun.

On the last day of our stay, we decided to hit the park for some play time, before jumping in the car for the 4 hour ride home.
It was a great idea!
The big girls LOVED it and still talk about the park with the pirate ship (which I'm not sure if I got a picture of...)
Anyway, we had a blast visiting with family and time flew by way too quickly, as it always does when you're having fun.

Next time though, 
It's our turn to have visitors!

Layla said she was making Emma a Birthday cake.
(notice that once again they are semi-matching. One braid, plaid, sneakers)

Gwen has this obsession with finding her favorite slide and executing the quickest, most efficient route to it, and then repeating....
over and over again.
(She takes after Layla and would NOT walk across the bridge, only crawl. Weirdy.)

She loved that slide. 
And went down it at least 25 times.

Here's Tanner trying out Isaac's Ripstick? Is that what it's called?? 
Well whatever it is, it was a hit with the big kids and by that I also mean the Dads.

Maggie was showered with attention.
Which was kind of nice break for my arms.
Thankfully she hasn't fully transitioned into the, "I only want my Mom." phase, so people were able to hold and enjoy my cute baby.

The always gorgeous Sarah and Maggie.

Joel's turn on the ripstick.

Their kids were so cute with the baby.
I'd lay her out on a blanket and they'd instantly be drawn to her, playing, and talking to her so sweetly.


The boys
(minus Jordan, whom we're very excited to see sometime this year when we come up to WA!)

We sure do love that Grandma!!

And then Gwen randomly took off sprinting, in rainboots.
We were sure she was asking for a face plant into pavement, but no....

She had spotted something else...

A trip to the park just wouldn't be as entertaining without a good ol' duck or two.
(Thank you random old man who gave the girls his last piece of bread to feed the ducks. So kind of you)

Overall such a fun trip! 
Can't wait to plan something else this summer with our fellow Texanites... 
is that what they call em?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ft. Worth Zoo

2 days after Christmas we headed up to Ft. Worth to visit Tanner's brother Joel and his family.
Tanner's parents were also there visiting, so we got to see a handful of the Steveson family.
It was so much fun!
Sarah and Joel were so great, letting us use two of their bedrooms. 
Way too nice.
They took us to the Ft. Worth Zoo and we all had a lot of fun.
Layla's favorite part was the train ride at the end and Gwen can't stop talking about the silly orange tiger that was shaking his head.
Maggie never made a peep.
Such an sweet baby.

Here, the girls were waiting for everyone else in our group to get tickets and come through the gates. 
My kids never look directly at the camera anymore, such old news to them.

Layla told me that the monkeys, who were making these loud, high pitched shrieking noises were singing Christmas carols.

I think Gwen looks a lot like Tanner here.

While we were looking at the Rhino, someone commented on how Rhinos look a bit like Dinosaurs.
Our nephew Ethan (4yrs old) said, "Rhinos are a TYPE of Dinosaur."
Hehe... he's such a fun kid.

I thought this picture was funny.
Emma and Layla were waiting their turns to go see this kangaroo statue.
This girl looked like she was having way too much fun.

I think it's so fun how girls HAVE to match at this age.
Emma and Layla got along great and Layla can't stop talking about all the fun things they played.

When Layla was looking through these pictures with me, she said,
"I can't believe I stepped on the baby's head! I feel so bad."

We were all getting a bit worn out at this point and ready to hop on the train to take us back to the entrance. It was such a nice zoo, with everything kept nice and clean. 
Joel and Sarah's family took us out to this really great BBQ place afterwards and we stuffed ourselves silly. Nothing like good ol' Texas BBQ.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Morning

Tanner sang "All the Bells..." at the bottom of the stairs 
(a family tradition)
and there was nothing.
Layla had been practicing for a couple weeks and knew to spring out of bed when she heard the song, but was far too exhausted to wake up.
We went into their room and sat on their beds.
Layla was curled in a ball and Gwen asleep with her bum in the air (like always).
We sang at least 5 times, before Gwen finally sat up. 
They groggily headed downstairs and then the shock and excitement of Christmas hit!
Children add a whole new element of fun to holidays, especially Christmas.

We were all too busy opening presents and setting things up to take pictures, but I did pull out the camera for breakfast.
Tanner made french toast with sausage and I decorated a couple pieces to create:
Santa face french toast!
The girls LOVED it!

Pardon the mess in the background. 
The Christmas hurricane definitely hit our home hard.

Layla is in LOVE with her Belle nightgown. 
She'd wear it all day, everyday if she could.

Gwen's favorite gift this year was her bike.
She's very protective of it, so don't get too close...
or even touch it.

I didn't get a picture of her in it yet, but Maggie got a new exersaucer, since our old one broke.

We got ready for Church later on that morning and had a tough time wrestling the girls through Sacrament meeting. I think their sugar high was starting to wear off, it was nuts.
I'll have to get a picture of them in their Christmas dresses sometime soon. 

Merry Christmas!