Sunday, December 23, 2012

outside in our warm winter

In a dark tent

The days gets dark so early now.
It makes the evening stretch out so long.
We built our weekly tent, one day, and decided to snap some pictures.
They were more than willing to cheese it up for me.
I LOVE that Maggie says cheese whenever she sees a camera... so sweet.

Sometimes it feels like Maggie is this little magnet that just draws us all in.
We all want to kiss and love on her, and her big sister Gwennie can NOT resist.
She is still constantly touching, kissing, holding her hand/arm most of the time they're together.
It's really cute, although I know Maggie can only take so much.


My girl Gwen is such a sweet and silly little person.
For the last few days she has carried around a little plastic container of paint.
She takes it everywhere. 
In the car, watches movies with it, sits near her while she eats, sleeps with it, and even bathes with it.
Hasn't once asked me to open it.
Odd, I know.
She's always had this curiosity for different, odd things. 
She loves everyone and treats people with so much kindness.
She sees the glass half full.
Fascinated by the littlest things and always thankful.

When we go to the store, we sometimes cruise by the toy section for fun. 
It's a big time favorite for my Gwen. 
She just ooh's and ahh's, giggles with delight just being able to see the fun things.
She almost always thanks me profusely for taking her to see them.
Never asks for anything.

I am learning a lot from my children.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Just hanging around...

my littlest friend

I love hanging out with my little girls. 
It's the best time, really.
Gwen happened to fall asleep this day, so Maggie and I got to play, uninterrupted.
What a treat!

She LOVES babies.
Will kiss on them, "awwwww" at them, poke their eyes, and rub their heads.
It's so cute.

My lovely girl

A sleeping beauty Gwen.

She knows how to accessorize...
A lovely hat


I offered the suggestion of glasses and this is what she came up with.

Ready to play peek-a-boo!

Halloween 2012

We had a lot of fun at our ward Halloween party. Although it was a bit overwhelming.
So many people all crammed into the small gym.
Gwen really wanted to participate in the donut eating game, but had to figure out her strategy...

That's my girl!

Maggie is thinking about it...

I didn't get any pictures of Layla, but she was DETERMINED to win a cupcake in the cake walk, but poor girl walked that thing for the WHOLE party. She finally got one at the end though.
As everyone was heading out to their trunks, they were giving away the baked goods and we had to snag a cupcake for Gwen too. 
Layla was a bit upset that she didn't have to do any work for hers. haha.

The girls had a lot of fun walking around to all the different cars.
Not too many scary ones.
Layla is just getting so big, too big. She found a friend and kept running off. 
Made me nervous, but I remember doing the same thing as a kid.

Here's our Rapunzel Bride and Merida (princess from the new movie Brave)
They LOVED their costumes (cheap walmart ones... didn't have it in me this year to get all creative)
Tanner took the girls out on Halloween, since he completely missed the holiday last year. They had so much fun!

Birthday Girl!

This is funny. She froze the minute she saw a neighborhood boy, dressed as batman, get near her.

She was terrified, I think.

Sipping her green smoothie (had to balance out all the junk somehow!)
Helping mom pass out the candy!