Friday, July 29, 2011

Maggie Lorelai

Here she is...
Our third little girl.

Maggie Lorelai Steveson
6 lbs. 6 oz. 20 in.
July 27, 2011

We're always a little worried about our early babies, so that first cry is music to our ears.
There was a bit of a scare with me right after delivery.
I guess I wouldn't stop bleeding.
Thankfully they were able to get everything under control, but boy was it scary.

A couple hours after Maggie was born, the girls were able to come up to visit.
Layla was BEYOND excited to meet her little sister.
Unfortunately she had to wear ANOTHER mask while meeting a sibling, due to an AWFUL cough. Poor girl, although she didn't mind one bit and continued to wear it the rest of evening, so I was told.
Nonna loves her grandbabies!
Gwennie was just happy to see her Mommy.
Love that little rascal.
She has warmed up to the baby a bit more now. Loves to pet her head and give her kisses.

Second day of life.

Third day of life.
Ready to come home.

We love our littlest girl.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July!

Here are the girls, anxious for the parade to start.
(actually Gwen could kinda care less... and maintained that attitude through most of it)
Layla remembered a lot of fun things from last year, so she was genuinely excited.

Layla telling Gwen something.

We were so glad that our friends, the Marecles, could come with us. Briella and Layla had the BEST time getting candy and dancing to the music.
Briella was a crack up with all her moves and her determination to get all the candy.
Layla on the other hand was fine just watching it fall to her feet, while other kids snatched it.
Towards the end, she finally caught on.

I haven't made fruit pizza for a while and it sounded DELICIOUS, and it was.
Layla was a big help in placing the fruit.

Getting ready to do some fireworks.
Poor Tanner doesn't have any boys to get all excited about blowing things up.
Our girls are quite the opposite.

Gwen loves to squish bugs though...
A big one caught her attention.

This is what the scene looked like for the majority of the time outside...
The Marecle girls loving the poppers and sparklers, while Layla danced away on the sidelines.

Avery caught Briella with a confetti popper!
Those girls are so much fun!

Here's Tanner trying to talk Layla into doing a sparkler...
"NO, no, no, no!"
Is how she responded.



She was concentrating VERY hard.
Did NOT want to burn herself, like last year.

We were lame and didn't want to stay up too late, so here are our "big"
fireworks, while it's still very light outside.
It was still fun though!

Then the girls played around for a while, before we went in.
For some reason Gwen was loving rolling around in the grass.
I love this picture below though...
Looks like she just passed out or something.

Hope you all had a a good one too!