Monday, May 30, 2011

My Gwennie babe... 1 and a 1/2.

After Gwen woke up from her nap I couldn't resist setting her down in my little make-shift
photo studio (blanket draped over backside of the couch).
I love Gwen.
She's at one of my MOST favorite stages right now.
1 and a 1/2 years old.
Independent enough, yet still favors her Mother.
Her personality has been bursting at the seams lately, as she is learning new things everyday.

Yes, she still drinks out of a bottle occasionally.
And we don't really have a problem with it.
She has always been a marvelous sleeper
and I'm really hoping that keeps up with this new baby on the way.

The minute she wakes up she starts asking for her favorite people, usually beginning with,
"Waywa??" (Layla)
"Daddy go?"
and then
"uh hi, Mommy!"

She's got THE best facial expressions.
Her scowl has been perfected, her smirk is the cutest thing,
her smile is SO contagious (and huge) and her pout/cry face is the saddest thing you'll ever see.
That mouth is still as big as ever.

She loves "nanas" (bananas)
"gurt" (yogurt)
(fruit snacks, although lately she'll only taste them and then spit them out.
Or just try to swallow them whole.)
"chiss" (cheese)
"Apoos and Gapes" (apples and grapes)
She'll still eat pretty much anything you give her though, which is nice. Although she definitely has dislikes as well.
NO meat! Nothing too seasoned or flavorful. And forget trying to feed her any vegetables... although I still try.
She's at the age where she's obsessed with "Outside!"
She'd play outside all day, rain or shine if we'd let her.
Picking grass and tossing it in the air, picking out rocks, and just sitting on the step watching Layla dance around.
It's the best.
The minute I finish fixing her hair she rushes to the closet and says, "Gacket?! Sues!" (jacket, shoes)

She loves Elmo "Emmo!" and Bubble Guppies "Bu-Guppies"
But kinda hates nursery still.
She gives the best hugs and kisses.
and when I ask her to say, "I love you", she always
puts her hands in fits and pats them on my cheeks.
Kinda strange, but I like it.

She can follow instructions quite well now, simple things like:
-Gwen, go get a tissue.
-Throw this in the trash.
-Pick up your toys.
-Close the door...etc.
AND she even knows how to blow her nose quite well.
I remember it took Layla forever to learn that.

Looking at pictures of herself and her family is one of her favorite things to do.
She'll say their name really loudly and give a little chuckle.
I love hearing her say, "Ninnie!" (Gwennie)
It's the cutest.

I couldn't imagine life without this cutie pie.
She certainly makes living a whole lot of fun!

Layla... where did the time go?

Okay this is definitely a picture OVERLOAD, but I just love her to pieces
and think she's the cutest thing.
So... I couldn't decide on a just a few.

This girl loves Primary, especially when her best friend Briella is there with her.
On Sunday, right after Sacrament, they ran to meet each other in the chapel.
Briella said, "Lets hold hands Layla."
Layla looks at me and asks,
"Can I hold her hand please Mom?"
She's so polite.

Her favorite t.v. shows right now are (sadly) Spongebob "Spunchbob" and The Fresh Beat Band.
We have to "play" Fresh Beat Band constantly, all throughout the day.
She's Kiki (and must be referred to by that name, or else she'll make sure to remind you)
I'm Marina.
Gwen is Shout.
and Dad is Twist.

She's very much a girly girl, although she's VERY loud and has an opinion about EVERYTHING!
And will tell you about 6,398 times, before she's finally satisfied that you've heard and understand.

When I tell her she has her Daddy's eyes, she says,
"I know, that's cuz we're best friends."

When I ask her what she wants to eat for a meal, and then give her a few options, she almost always will slip in a few not so healthy alternatives. Example:
Me- "Hey Layla would you like a sandwich for lunch?"
Layla- "Umm no."
Me- "How bout some oatmeal?"
Layla- "Nah... maybe marshmallows?"
Me- "Or maybe some chicken?"
Layla- "Okay... OR how bout an ice cream sandwich? Yeah, that sounds good."

She's flowing with helpful information and will give you advice for just about everything.
"You know that we eat food so we can grow big? And not just candy because that will make your tummy say... OUCH! OUCH! Feed me healthy food!!"
"Mom, you want to clean that mess with a towel, not your hand. That'd be gross."
Thanks Layla.

She has an obsession with her red puppy and must speak for her constantly.
When I was away in Utah this last weekend, I'd call home at the end of the day to talk to my family and would always be greeted with, "WOOF WOOOOOF WOOOFFF!... That's my puppy and she misses you a lot."
Then she'll tell you all the things the puppy likes to do (go to the park, chase people, lick her face) and the minute after you ask something similar, like,
"Does your puppy like to jump up and down too??"
then she'll quickly say,
"But she's not really real Mom."

She CANNOT wait till the day we go to Disneyland...
which probably won't be for a couple more years.
But she talks and dreams about it constantly.
We even "play" Disneyland and watch the rides on YouTube.
It's fun.

She knows how to do somersaults, and jump on one foot, and do "ballerina twists", and write her name. She can count to 20, almost and knows how to copy most letters of the alphabet.

She loves to listen to Taylor Swift in the car and actually has been having a re-occurring dream about singing in front of Taylor Swift herself.
She says that Taylor loves her voice.
It's cute.

She's our funny, goofy, sensitive, great helper, big sister, considerate, princess loving, sweet little girl.
And I can't believe she's almost 4.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to me.

So, today is my Birthday.
No big deal really.
We aren't celebrating much, because I get to go on a weekend "getaway" with my Mom this weekend in Salt Lake.
We'll shop till we drop (or till the contractions get too strong)
and relax the days away.
Can't wait.

For now, I'll be perfectly content with eating pink pancakes,
sprinkling "bath sprinkles" in the tub, being "Marina" while Layla is "Kiki"
(and poor Gwen has to be "Shout")
Eating bunny shaped grilled cheese with a chocolate banana milkshake (soy style).
And call it a day!

Maybe I'll even get Tanner to pick me up some Thai food.
Something he hates, but knows I love.
Seems like a good Birthday present to me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Duck Park" fav's.

Today we went to the "Duck Park"
Layla has suddenly become very, VERY afraid of ducks getting too close.
She'll stomp her feet and clap her hands (what I told her to do, instead of kicking them)
and it's quite a scene.
Too bad I didn't get any pictures of it.

After a long morning of playing, picking grass, and chasing boys, these girls were tuckered out.

Sunny day in May

And me, 25 weeks pregnant.
If this little girl is half as cute as her sisters,
she'll be a doll!
Can't wait to meet her!