Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Goodness

Disneyland was a blast! I'm still waiting to get those pictures. Our photographer (My brother Paul) took great pictures and I'm really excited to share some of them. But until then, here are some random pics from the last month or so...

Okay... This picture requires a story. I was upstairs packing for my vacation and had put in a movie for Layla. Everything was going fine, when all of a sudden I hear, "UH-OH... WOW! OOOH! MMMM!" I KNEW that wasn't good. I peaked over our stairway and saw a BIG brown mess. Can you guess what it was??

Brown sugar!! She climbed the shelf in the pantry and grabbed the whole bag (NEW bag) of brown sugar and was in heaven!

Here's a picture of a section of the quilt I'm sewing... it's a work in progress.

Playing outside in the freezing wind.

Looking cute

Layla wanted Mommy to look pretty... the result:


A yummy treat from Disneyland!

A haircut!! We have finally said farewell to the mullet.

Whenever Layla see's this picture she says, "Oh Mommy... awwww" It's cute.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dead or Alive?

While I was making dinner the other night, Tanner put in a movie for Layla to watch. She went and sat on her couch and reclined, like so. I guess these things really don't have GREAT back support :)

But she looked like she was comfortable enough. She wouldn't budge at ALL! I kept looking in from the kitchen and she seriously looked like she had passed out or something. So silly.

Here's Layla, yesterday. I was doing the dishes and knew that Layla was playing in her playroom. It was VERY quiet. Usually that's a pretty good indicator of mischief being made, but this is what I found instead. 

Once again, I had thought that she had passed out or something. But no, just tired. So I took her up for a nap a little early. 

By the way, she has just found her binkies that she NEVER used as an infant and LOVES them now. She doesn't mind if I take it away from her and sleeps fine without one, but every once and a while she'll find another one and keep it in as long as she can. 

My gorgeous Valentine girl

Layla and I had fun making some valentines. She loves stickers and anything crafty, so we had a lot of fun!

I thought it was really cute how she was pouting, while taking a break to daydream. (as if she's thinking about her future Valentine)

Her eyes are so pretty. Especially in natural light. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this girl! And can't get enough of her!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Here are some of the little experiments that I've been having fun with lately. 

Meet Poppy.
This is Layla's water baby, who spends 90% of her days nakie. But it just so happens that her nice Grandma Jessica made her an outfit! Oh happy day for Poppy!

(I wish I could say I made the hat, but it was actually a gift I received for Layla when she was a newborn. I love it!)

Look how happy she was after I clothed her! She just wouldn't stop smiling, seriously.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When you're trapped inside your house...

If your car is burried, like so:

(This is even AFTER we dug it out.... just a few days later)
Seriously!!! I am so tired of this evil white stuff! It makes my car die and leaves me and my rambunctious 1 1/2 year old at home to fend for ourselves. Although... I have to say that it has forced me to become a little more creative. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I had NO idea how to use it. I still am not 100% sure I'm using it correctly. I don't have any fabric, pins or even a decent pair of scissors, but that makes it even more exciting! Searching the house for materials or creating something out of nothing (well I guess that's impossible, but you know what I'm saying). So far I've made:
  • A tiny quilt (made from a couple of old pillowcases that we had lying around) For Layla's Babies.
  • A sundress for Layla's water baby (although Layla prefers this baby naked and as soon as she saw it wearing clothes, she made sure to strip her).
  • A quilted purse/bag for Layla or her baby (it's really small)
  • A tiny, tiny pillow 
  • and.... a shirt for Layla! 
Surprised you there, didn't I? Okay, maybe not, but I certainly surprised myself! Seriously this is a girl who didn't even know what a bobbin was and didn't even realize that thread came from underneath the needle! I was looking through my closet for old clothes that I could use to play with and saw a cute shirt that had a rather large hole at the bottom. I didn't want to part with the shirt being a shirt, so I just miniaturized it. I cut it up and sewed it back together smaller. Ta da! Please realize that this is after a long day of playing... it's a little scrunched from Layla doing her daily flips and handstands. 

Wait... Did you really think she could do those? Nope. But she's working on it.
Oh, and I used a lot of my scrap ribbon to make a few bows. Just out of pure boredom.

I'm not really sure how modest this shirt would look without another one underneath it, but I think it's actually cute enough to wear out in public... assuming that we'll get out in public again someday.