Monday, September 26, 2011


Fairy Party

My girls were invited to a Fairy party this last weekend and were asked to dress up as fairies.
Thankfully the Dollar store had enough costume pieces to help us achieve the perfect PINK fairy look.
It was a bunch of fun!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

To pass the time...

We play with beans.
They seriously could do this for hours!
We usually only last 30-40 mins before Gwen turns into a bean thief and Layla yells at her.
But it's still a good time.

Layla explained that she was dying their hair.
Hope they're happy with it.


I am completely smitten with this cute face.

She loves her sister

A better day

Things have been a little nutty around here lately.
I keep injuring myself and girls like to take advantage of my weak moments.
I've finally had a few moments where all 3 of them are belting out their loudest screams,
all at the same time.
It's crazy.
But short-lived.
I keep trying to remind myself that all stages come and go so quickly.
Enjoy the happy parts and learn from the hard, and keep moving forward.

My girls were so cute this morning.
Layla got a few new clothing items and is SO excited to show off her outfit at preschool.
Gwen is equally excited about "bin shopping" as we call it.
Layla's old clothes are magically new again!
Okay, so this pose wasn't so successful.
Maggie is doing great!
She's finally catching onto the rhythm of our family life
and screams so much less.
Thanks baby.
Gwen is silly.
She has been expressing some "terrible two" like behavior recently
and I really hope it passes soon.
Yelling for a cracker, then throwing it at my face the next minute because it's "Uckkky!" is confusing.
She's extremely sweet otherwise.
Layla is my helper... with an attitude.
She likes her way.
According to Layla, her way is MUCH better than my way.
And so we disagree at times.
But we're learning to meet in the middle with most things.
She loves preschool.
And her new favorite activity is to draw pictures and make up stories to go along with the characters.
It's my favorite.

This is Maggie's happy face.

No more pictures please Mom.
As much as this stage of life drives me bonkers..
I love it so very much.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A sunny Sunday bike ride

We took Layla (and the rest of the gang) to Nature Park on Sunday afternoon for some bike riding practice. It was a lovely day and so relaxing to just spend time with family.

And we fed the ducks, of course.
Although both our girls get a bit nervous when they get too close.
Layla always says, "If they get close, just clap your hands and stomp your feet REAL loud! Then they'll leave your feet alone."
Seemed to work just fine.

This duck thought he was the coolest thing.

Love those blues.

Layla really wanted to do this thing, so Tanner placed her on and handed her the handles.
The minute she grabbed them, the weight of it yanked her right off.
I guess Tanner thought it was pretty funny and she did not.
Hence the grumpy face.

Then a few minutes later I caught Tanner playing on it...
seems like a guy toy anyway.


Mags, fast asleep.

Gwen, doing what she does best.
Makes as many dirt/woodchip piles as she can.
Why is that so appealing to kids? Seriously.

Up in a tree!

Gwen kept saying, "Bike, Gwennie"
So we assumed that she wanted a turn...
Nope, she just wanted the snacks.

Such a great day!
I will miss summer.