Monday, January 13, 2014

10.31.13 Gwen's Birthday

Gwen's 4th Birthday

How do my babies keep growing so quickly!
It's a little painful, really.
Gosh I love this girl.
She is the epitome of sweet.
My calm, kind, peacemaker girl.
She's got a wild streak, no doubt, but it's much more subdued than her sisters.
I can count on this girl to entertain herself and be happy with just about anything.
I am so blessed to have such a special girl and am secretly happy that she gets to spend a whole extra year home with me, instead of going to that wretched Kindergarten.
hehe j.k.

She was in LOVE with all things Ariel this year.
I didn't even need to ask, for I knew that'd be the theme of her first "friend birthday party"
We stuck to inviting church friends, well lets face it, those are her only friends!
Besides Layla and Maggie of course!
We played pin the present in Ariel's hand, musical shells, and had a scavenger hunt to find treats!
We all had a blast!


Happy Halloween 
Glinda, Ariel, and Pirate Mags.


Telge Park

I decided one afternoon, after school, to take the girls over to Telge Park to try to get some pictures.
The girls were NOT in the mood, even with the promise of suckers afterward!
There were a few cute ones though, and I can't resist showing off the ones where their true character shines through.
That crazy Maggie!

Surprise #4! 10.1.13

Baby Steveson #4

We were VERY surprised by this little one.
Honestly, we had thought we'd space Maggie and any other babies out a little further.
3 little girls is a lot to handle!
But it looks like Heavenly Father had something else in store for our family.
And once the initial shock wore off (maybe a day or two) we became so excited!

I really want to experience NOT knowing the gender before birth, just to know what it's like.
I've honestly been so busy with life, that I haven't been bugged by the secrecy.
The one thing that's hard is just picturing the baby in there... I feel like I could better imagine my girls, knowing that they were GIRLS. 
We will be absolutely shocked if it's a boy.
SO happy, but shocked.
Expecting a girl, because, well... that's all we know. And LOVE.

I kind of feel as though our family could be complete with 4 girls.
Although if we were to add a boy, I may feel that need to try for a brother!!
So.... we shall see.
Coming soon. 
April 2014


Layla's 6th Birthday.
She had her heart set on a Wizards of Waverly Place party, since she had fell in love with the series on Netflix and had practically watched every episode by her Birthday.
She insists that magic is real and that she can become a wizard someday, like Alex Russo.
We made our own magic wands, played a game of magic musical stars, and had a wizard scavenger hunt for the star pinata I made.
It was a lot of fun!
She had invited some friends from church this time and LOVED that even some older (8 yr olds) came!
Layla is loving being 6 and feeling so grown up these days.
She is reading at a 4th grade reading level.
And really hates math.
Drawing, coloring, painting, creating anything, you can find her doing art stuff most all the time.
Singing is also something she loves to do, although she unfortunately takes after her tone deaf mother.
Still super cute.
School is so much fun for her and she has a very nice teacher, Mrs. Lynn this year.
Gwen is her very best friend, although I'm not quite sure she's ready to admit that yet, but they miss each other terribly while Layla is away at school.
We sure do love our creative, kind hearted, silly, helpful, beautiful, bright girl Layla.

Enjoying a quick picnic lunch in the living room before the party.

Someone just woke up and is ready to party.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Pinata time!

At the very end of the party, as girls were going home, we got a surprise visit from the postman.
A big package from Grandma Colleen! 
Layla was thrilled!

We sure do love a good party over here and this one was a success!
Now we're already starting to plan the next one!