Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diego or Violet

Those are both the current name suggestions from Layla.
Diego from "Go Diego Go"
And Violet from her little sister's puppy, Violet.
I actually like Violet,
too bad Tanner hates it.

Here's our cute little guy/girl at 14 weeks:

Here, you're looking straight at the baby's face and belly, and it's even waving a little!

This picture is a view of the top of the head and his hands.
Baby kept clasping and unclasping it's hands.
It was too cute.

Profile view.
Can't tell in this picture, but the tech made a comment about this baby having big lips.
Doesn't surprise me one bit.
Love this baby.
Amazes me every time,
how strong of a connection you feel at such an early stage.
Can't wait to meet this sweet baby!

Oh and yes, it was too early to confidently predict the gender.
I still think boy, and thought I saw a "bit more" down there, but who knows.
We'll be thrilled either way!

Our Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Days aren't anything TOO spectacular...
and that's okay.
We aren't really over-the-top kind of people,
although my present this year was

Tanner got some chocolates that he thought sounded good.
They were good, but not GREAT.

I got him some Cadbury Eggs because he loves them,
oh and maybe because the store I went to ON Valentine's Day
didn't have anymore Valentine's candy.

Tanner got himself some new, badly needed tires.
and it came with free beef.

And I (we) also got THIS!
a new treadmill!
Yes, I am aware that it's on the top 5 WORST gifts to give to your wife on Valentine's Day, but
I REALLY wanted it.
I'm so happy.
We also got a few little Valentine treats for the girls, nothing extraordinary.
Little tin lunch pails with treats inside and stuffed puppies.
They like em.

And we made a few plates of Valentine cupcakes to deliver to some neighbors.
They were good...
dangerously good.

So there you have it.
Valentine's Day.
It was great.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

bedtime story?

After putting the Gwenster to bed, I came down and found this...
Seemingly normal.
Daddy reading Layla a bedtime story.
Although, wait, is that my Anthropologie catalog?
And is Tanner making up a completely random, yet hilarious story line to it?
I loved it.
and so did Layla.

I think parts of the story went something like this...
"Then the princess found an indian satchel where a little baby popped out and danced around in a Grandma's shawl. And magical elephant figurines came to life and started a stampede."
Or something like that.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the "hookers"

(NO, I'm not referring to my girls at all... or even people for that matter)

Even though the temps outside have been freezing.
Or below.
We've been treated to a bit of sunshine and
oh what a treat it is to open your window and have light spill through!
Don't these balloons look lovely?

Here's Layla and her "hookers".
I came downstairs to find her swinging them around and asked,
"What are you doing?"
she responded,
"Don't worry, I'm playing nice with my hookers."
oh good.

These illuminated balloons caught their attention quickly.
Let the games begin!

Look at those balloon hoping skills.
Gwen sure is impressed.

Jumping "like a birdie"

Gwen's new trick of climbing on top of the table.
brave girl.

Took a break.
and stole sister's juice.

Love my circus.

chilly and silly

We've been bored lately.
REAL bored.
So bored, that lens caps become entertaining.

Seems like just yesterday Layla was wearing this shirt.
I really love it.

At times, Layla puts up with a lot...
At times she just punches Gwen in the face.
This happened to be a nice moment with no punching.
We need springtime.
or a vacation.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too cute NOT to post.

Oh, you know, she's just watching cartoons on her ipod.
Actually mine.
I didn't think she'd like the headphones, but she did.
Too cute.


I don't know if many people read this other than my Mother,
but I want to apologize for my absence.

I've just been busy, entertaining kiddos, trying to stay awake, cleaning up an endless amount of messes, cuddling with those mess makers, and watching my body expand at a rapid pace.
(may or may not have something to do with all the baking I've been doing. I'm quite positive I'll be at my largest ever by the time this baby comes. Oh well.)

Tanner has been just as busy if not busier. Waking at 4am for work, school and homework, helping keep me sane.
I love him.
He's the best.

Layla is going through some awfully, exhausting, pull your hair out, terrible 3's.
She is testing out her independence with vigor.
I hear phrases such as this:
- "Mom, if you put me on time out, that will just make me spill my juice all over Gwennie's head. Sorry."
- "Daddy, if you don't draw on my back at night time, that'll make me hit your head on the coffee table."
And she really means it.

Las night we were sitting down for dinner and the girls didn't like my chicken, so I made them chicken noodle soup. Gwen inhaled it. Layla took one tiny bite and swiftly pushed it off the counter, spilling ALL OVER the place.
"I'm sorry, but if you tell me to eat soup, that will make me spill it."
We put her on time out and watched this pattern occur at least 3 other times, before she finally gave in and ate the dang soup.
So tiring.
But she CAN be very cute and sweet at times as well.
And it's been fun to watch her social life expand.
She loves her friends, Briella, Sammie, Katelyn, Kaleb, and Hunter.
Talks about them all the time.
Gotta love her.

Gwen is as cute as ever.
She's 15 mo. and still not walking.
(Not on her feet anyway)
She's mastered the knee walk and barely crawls anymore, because of it.
I hope she starts to realize how much more efficient it'd be to walk on her feet... but she seems content for now.
She's been talking up a storm lately and one of her favorite new words is "Puppy".
As soon as she sees a dog (in a book, on a movie, or even other animals that slightly resemble a dog) She'll perk up and say, "Puppy!! Woof Woof!" and move hear head up, as if she's howling.
Cutest thing.
She'll also say "kitty, moww" and "teet teet" for birds.
She's a very sensitive little spirit, just like her sister. Doesn't take much to make her cry.
We love her dearly.

I'm still in a bit of denial about inviting another another baby into the mix.
We're very excited, yet it still doesn't quite seem real.
I'm sure that'll change real soon, once my growing belly sticks out far enough for the world to see. It won't take very long either, considering this is my 3rd.
We're both thinking GIRL, just because it's hard to imagine a boy at this point, but would both be very pleasantly surprised if he's a HE.
Thankfully we still have about 6 months to decide on a name too.
We'll need all the help we can get.

So... yeah, I haven't taken very many pictures lately, because I haven't been in the mood.
The below freezing temps have gotten me down and all I want to do is bake yummy food and eat it.
So that is life.
I'll be back to normal eventually!