Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is this what Fall feels like?

We've been in Rexburg for about 3 and half years and I have never experienced a transitional Fall such as this. Summer usually fades quite abruptly into cold, cold, and freezing. But, this year it has been quite nice.
It has stayed sunny and relatively warm for much longer.
Makes for the perfect, "grab a jacket and go to the park" kind of days.
And we did just that...

Now... if we could only tackle this stomach virus.
Then we'd be able to enjoy more of this Fall season before it disappears completely!

Fall Random

If you're looking for excitement, than this post is not for you.
If you're looking for great quality pictures, than this post is not for you either.
If you're looking for a beautiful message or quirky story, this post isn't even close.

This is a post about nothing... well something, just nothing cohesive or very creative. Just the day to day things that I find amusing.

Here are my girls watching cartoons, wearing matching princess pj's.
(Just so you know... Layla WILL NOT wear her princess jammies unless Gwen is wearing hers.)
I LOVE how silly Gwen looks just sitting there.
Lazy Saturday morning, folding laundry and kicking our sister.
Who really likes being kicked by a bottle guzzling baby.
Who wouldn't? It's too cute.
The other night, after I put the kids to sleep, I noticed I kept bumping into something on the fridge. I glanced down and found this:
(Layla has discovered that her silverware is magnetic)
Speaking of refrigerators...

There ya go. A perfectly boring, non artistic, average blog post.
(seeing these pictures of my fridge prompted me to clear it of all it's "debris" And we now have a clean slate in which to clutter some more)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

a hidden spot

The girls and I ventured out on a slightly overcast day and found a pretty little clearing. I thought it was a perfect spot to roam around and pass the time.
Layla found a great "wand" too.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The GROWL face

They both make it...

Notice a few differences:
- Gwen's mouth is HUGE.
-Layla's cheeks are HUGE. You can barely see any definition in her chin :)
-Layla looks a little more angry, whereas Gwen looks like she's "pretending" to be ferocious.

I love my little animals.

keeps me on my toes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I know there are probably some moms out there that would frown at giving an 11 mo. old a lollipop, but she's almost a year old and well... I just wanted to.
She eats very healthy the majority of the time and I didn't see any harm in letting her taste a small amount of sugar.
So, if you don't like it, then this post is not for you.

and for the record... she only sucked on it for a little while before Layla stole it from her.

Another lover of all things sweet.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

These are the moments...

These are the moments that get me through the day...

(Layla found her old Halloween Kitty hat from when she was about 2 mo. old. She was so excited that Gwen could be a kitty with her... poor Gwen. Don't think it fit all that well.)

I think it's the cutest thing when I go get my baby from a nap and find a handprint on her face. CUTE!

Layla is getting more and more determined to "teach" Gwen how to play with her. She LOVES it when we let Gwen do things that "big girls" do.
They really are sweet with each other... most of the time.

I was playing ponies with Layla and she always makes me be the ones that she doesn't like. I got stuck with Mr. Lightning Bolt with no tail. I was voicing his concern and embarrassment over not having a tail and she immediately perked up and said, "I'll fix you!" She brought out Mr. Potato Head's Eyes... not sure if that helps in the embarrassment department, but hey it'll be great for flying backwards.

A few things Layla has said lately that had me laughing out loud:

- As she was drinking her juice she announced, "Mom, I think I have a throat now!"

- I asked her if she wanted a banana or apple with lunch, she replies "how bout some meatloaf."

- We were watching a show and a commercial for Disneyland came on. She got so excited and said,
L- "Remember when I threw the penny in the water and said..I wish I will go to Disneyland!??"
M- "Yes. I remember..."
L- (then in a very soft, dreamy voice) "Someday my dreams will come true"
It was cute.

- She randomly informed me that Gwen said she likes to look at bottoms. Weird.

-We went to the dollar store the other evening to buy some coin rolls. Tanner went in the store, while I stayed in the car with the girls. There's a McDonald's in the same lot and Layla kept asking to go there. I told her no, because we don't need to eat there and it costs money. Tanner finally gets back to the car and hands me the big bag of rolls and Layla shouts, "Mom! Dad bought you some money! Now we can go!"

I love my job.