Thursday, April 24, 2008

Little Piggy

Her cousins left this silly pig nose at Grandma's, so Layla had some fun trying it on. (okay... so it wasn't HER idea. I just couldn't resist!)
Side view
"So THIS is the thing that was on my face!"
(I absolutely LOVE her "thinking" face. SO pretty)
New swim suit... lots of room for the pot belly!
She hates it when I dress her up during the day more than once. So I just put it over her clothes to avoid an unwanted tantrum.
She's quite the musician
New pink flip flops

I keep finding Layla in the weirdest positions, since she's begun to crawl.
Playing with her favorite toy... a diaper. Go figure.
So happy!
I know this picture is blurry, but I just wanted to show how big she looks compared to my Mom! Giant baby!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun at Nonna's

Layla loves Nonna's house. Who could blame her when there are piles of toys just waiting for her to play with. Nonna spoils her rotten and she sure does love it!
She always lights up when Nonna is around.
Learning to walk :)
Playing pretend drums
So pretty... with a bit of baby acne.
fell over
Wiggle away!
Just hanging out
She LOVES windows!! She can't get enough of them. She'll stare out at the trees swaying in the wind.

Alyssa at the Fair

My cute little sister Alyssa raised two lambs this year for the local 4H program. I am so proud of her!! She is such a responsible girl. She looked like a pro cleaning them up, handling them really well. After she showed them off, she won first place for everything! Even Grand Champion, twice! Way to go Alyssa!
Widow and Prince
Fluffing their leg wool
After she won!
Way to go!!

Taste Test

Layla loves food. She'll eat just about anything we give her. Here she is trying out those baby Biter Biscuits. Wish they weren't so messy though! She has also recently tried Ritz and Animal Crackers. Loves them all!
Slobber FaceI love her face when she's thinking... so cute.
Look what I caught Mom! Big mouth!

Crawling...well sorta.

Layla has started the "wiggle/army crawl" this last week and it's SO cute! I wish I had a video of it to post, but who knows where our camera is. She wiggles and scoots pretty well now, although she occasionally will flop over onto her back, which can make her frustrated. She's growing up so fast. She seems to love it here too. Always someone around to watch and play with. Here are some pictures of her in action... just imagine her moving.
Concentrating SO hard :)
Found something interesting
Sorry, I know it's a weird angle.
This is how Tanner looks these days. Glued to his Blackberry. Gotta love working off of Ebay!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Barely Survived!

Okay, maybe that's a teeny bit dramatic... but not really! This last week been the hardest of my life. Seriously! It really may sound pathetic to you, especially you Mom's who have gone through similar things and did it with ease. I am so thankful for everyone that has helped me or put up with my stress outbursts, I truly apologize. It all started on Tue. We left Rexburg that morning, headed for Ogden (to stay with Tanner's sister Leah). Layla was really good during the drive, which I THOUGHT was a good sign of how things would be for the rest of the trek. WRONG! As soon as we got to Leah's, I noticed that her little cough was beginning to transform into a whopper and her fussy levels were increasing steadily. Tanner stayed only until dinner time and headed back to pack up the rest of our stuff (I love him). That night Layla decided that it was her time to get sick. No fun. She also thought that 5:00 was a GREAT time to wake up for the day as well. Luckily we both ended up falling asleep later on that morning, catching a quick break before the REAL fun started.

Leah has the cutest little boy, Isaiah, who is almost 2 yrs old. He loved Layla and would always be trying to play with her or entertain her the best he could. I felt bad for Layla, because she really isn't used to this type of attention. Every time he would make a little yelp or talk too loud, she'd freak out! I think it was stimulation overload for my little one. She really did love him though for the most part, which made being sick a bit easier to handle. She was mainly just in awe of the him running around and doing all those two year old things. Later that evening I realized that I didn't have Layla's birth certificate or crib card to verify her age at the airport. So I called the airlines thinking that it wasn't too big of a deal, but that they could reassure me of this. WRONG. This lady said that they are very strict on their policies now and that she needed something with proof of age, or else we'd be charged a $182 fee! AHH! I frantically call Tanner who is in the midst of packing all of our belongings into storage and ask him if there's anyway he can send me some papers. While I'm talking with Tanner I notice that Layla is starting to feel really warm. Luckily he calms my nerves by saying that he'll be able to send the papers because he hasn't packed them yet. GOOD! Next thing I know, Layla pukes all over me.

Now, I don't know what it is, but I really have a hard time with my baby being sick. I know most parents do, but there's really something wrong with me. I think it actually makes me sick too. Sick with stress. I ended up throwing up that night and really falling apart. For the most part I was able to keep it together when Layla needed me, but there were a couple times that we were crying together. She ended up waking every 45 mins, coughing up mucous and gasping for air. The saddest most heartbreaking sound EVER! So I got about a grand total of 2 and a half hours of sleep.

Anyway, on with the story. Now we're at Thursday, airport day! Luckily we didn't depart until that evening, which allowed me to recover from that crazy night a bit, before being thrust into more craziness. Layla still was acting very unlike herself, but was tolerable enough for me to pack and get everything together. She surprised me by even taking a 2 hour nap, which she never does. She really needed it. The drive from Ogden to Salt Lake takes normally around an hour. Leah's husband Cameron managed to get us there in about 45 mins and only gave me about two heart attacks during the trip. Great guy, but I've got to confess that I was quite scared a couple of times. I ended up having to pay a STUPID fee for my carseat because I wasn't allowed to check it up front without paying. I did NOT want to lug it around the airport along with my 50 lb. baby and diaper bag. I was a bit mad. On the bright side of things, I happened to see Lisa Ling! You know, that reporter who's always on Oprah. Yeah, I was right next to her. And said "hi"! Only after my sister in law was brave enough to make the first move, but still! Kinda crazy.

We eventually get through security and are waiting at the terminal, when Layla begins to really fuss. I fed her and even gave her tylenol, praying that she'd be content enough through the 1 hour 45 min flight. I had no idea what I was in for!!! I've learned through this trip, that Layla is very afraid of noises. The plane freaked her out, the people's voices freaked her out, even her normally entertaining toys scared her while in the air. She was crying and wrestling with me for the majority of the flight. To make things worse, she even tried to fling herself out of my lap a couple of times, making me work to hold her still, but managed to bonk her head on the head rest twice! Poor baby! She was sooooooo tired, but would NOT fall asleep. I really thought I'd lose my mind and start throwing my own fit. Wouldn't that be a scene. I was so thankful to have Taytum riding along with us and sitting next to me. She was very helpful in distracting Layla every once and a while and calming her down here and there. Layla ended up crashing on me, falling into a deep sleep about 10 mins before we landed. Of course she woke up the moment we walked off the airplane though, so no REAL rest for my sick baby. I felt like the worlds WORST mom. Taking my baby from the only home she knows. Exposing her to so many scary noises while she was sick and vulnerable. I'm so glad that she's too young to remember this trip.

 Traveling really does change a person.
Here's Tanner eating me.
Tanner says I look like Blossom! haha
What a stud!
Our nephew Isaiah

Monday, April 7, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day! Well for Layla and I. We'll be leaving in the morning, hopefully timing it right, so that Layla will be tired enough to sleep the whole drive down to Utah. I am a huge ball of stress at the moment and probably should be packing more things right now, but I needed a break. Don't get me wrong, Layla is a huge help. Slobbering on all the boxes, carefully knocking down each pile of laundry that I stack, and is an expert now at picking up random objects off the floor and giving them a taste. We REALLY need to vacuum! She's a cutie though. We both took a break earlier when I came across a couple bows that her Aunts made for her. She actually has enough hair for them to stay! I think it looks really silly, but it's stayed in all morning! Can't wait for more hair!!
Don't you love our living room furniture?! Camping chairs and the couch cushions. Plus a boppy for a nice headrest.
A blanket that Layla's Great Grandma Polly had made for her. So cute.
A goofy face, but this picture shows that she is growing more and more hair! It can actually get messy now!
Side view

Thursday, April 3, 2008

digital scrapbooking

As you can see, I'm new to this whole thing... but it's fun! Thanks Laura, you're awesome!!