Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maggie 6 months

Maggie is 6 months old! 
Can't believe it!
She's little, 14lbs little.
But oh so cute!

She's going through a very clingy stage,
doesn't like to play alone. 
I figured we'd take advantage of the time we spend together and do a little photo shoot. 


I've been trying hard to stay busy and avoid the almost inevitable let down after the holidays, 
but unfortunately it has hit.
We're fine, just trying to sort out our new life here in Houston and get used to all the new.
I know Layla has been affected the most by all the change and I've been struggling to stay connected with her and figure out her needs.
My four year old is proving to be a challenge.
A very strong willed, opinionated, creative, and imaginative girl.
She's learning more every day.
Testing boundaries and my patience ALL day long.
I know that she thrives while having adequate alone time and one on one time with me. 
She gets easily frustrated when her ideas don't work out as planned or when unexpected challenges present themselves. 

For example.
She LOVES art.
She colors pictures all day long, paints, plays with play doh, you name it. 
BUT if a character she's drawing gets a little off center or she accidentally choses the wrong color, it can be detrimental. 
If we plan to go to the library and then something unexpected arrises (baby blow out, 2 year old tantrum) it will be THE END OF THE WORLD to stay home. 
This last Sunday we were getting the girls all bathed and ready to go and she picked out her outfit, got dressed so nicely and was ready for me to do the hair.
She is very particular when it comes to what she wants.
She very specifically asked for a pretty bun on top, just like a ballerina, and I happily obliged.
JUST as I finished placing the last pin, it was as if a volcano erupted!
I change my mind!!!!!!!! I actually hate buns and want something very very different!!!!"
I know that she must learn that I cannot re-do every uncomfortable situation or always make it all better.
My first instincts of course are to do so and most of the time I can offer a solution that is received well enough, but I'm learning that disappointment is just something she has to experience. 

Anyway, not sure where exactly I'm going with all this, but I know that other moms must be facing similar issues. 
We love our Layla girl and appreciate her unique, lovely look on life. She has so much to offer and I hope that I can help her continue to become the special person she's meant to be. 

And then there's Gwen...
but we'll save all that terrible 2 nonsense for another post.
Look at her pretty blues though, aren't they lovely!

Ovaly head

Just a happy morning.
My sweets hanging out with me, while I pick up around the room. 
I seriously can't get enough of this baby.

We went to Costco last week and were standing in line to get some smoothies. 
A little girl in front of us, no older than 7, was starring at Maggie.
She wouldn't stop!
I'm used to it, having mega cute babies and all, but it was kind of peculiar.
Then, she finally spoke,
"Your baby has SUCH an OVALY head!!!  (pause) But she still is cute."
Made me laugh.

I love her long oval head and pokey ears especially! 
She's perfection.

Oldest and Youngest

I need to make sure I'm staying up to date here, because I don't like falling behind! 
These pics were taken last month, so Mags is about 5 months old here. 
She's so sweet, very quiet, sleeps great during the day, and wakes once or twice during the night.
She's little, 13lbs (in January) with some cute chubby cheeks.
She is still completely taken by her sisters and has such a special relationship with each.
Layla is so nurturing to her.
Layla has been going through a rough phase and will be less than pleasant to me and everyone else, but when it comes to Maggie, she smothers her with love. 
How can you not?

 Layla will often say, "You love your Layla, don't you??" 
She knows Maggie is amazed with her and eats it up.