Monday, April 1, 2013

Chocolate cookies

It was just a chocolate cookie kind of day.
Gwen and I made some together, during Maggie's nap and while Layla was at school.
We waited for them both to join us and then we enjoyed the chocolatey goodness!

Houston Zoo

Back in February we had my Mom come stay for a week. It was really fun and the girls were in heaven.
One of the days, we went to Layla's school in the morning to see her perform her dances for Western Day. After she was finished, we decided to go to the zoo. 
We STILL hadn't been. 
Sad, I know.
Even though it looks sort of dreary out, it was actually really perfect! 
Slight breeze, cool air, no crowds.
It was great!

Here's a little lake right outside of the zoo. 

Maggie took one for the team and skipped her nap that day.
Here she is, pretending she's excited.

Wait... what's that I see?? Could it be?

That sure made her happy.

Here's Layla being brave and petting a hedgehog.
It made me a little nervous that the zoo employee wanted to wear protective gloves, but encouraged children to come pet it. Hmmm.

Poor Tanner. He really hates zoos. 
A trooper for sure. 

What do these girls spy??