Friday, March 23, 2012


This silly baby has been keeping her tired Mama up at night. 
Maybe more teeth?

Silly Gwen

Layla helping Dad mow. 
Gwen was marching around saying, "I'm a girl. I'm girl. I'm the prettiest girl."
And Mags chewing on my camera toy, showing off those chompers.

Ok, so Layla needed to get her 4 year old shots, 
(which I have learned are the very worst ones to get)
and we made a deal. 
If she could be a brave girl and get the shots, 
then we could go to the dollar store and pick out anything she wanted. 
She did very well during the appointment, right up until they had her lie down. 
Poor nurse got a few hard kicks to the stomach. 
5 shots though, that's a lot! 
Off we went to pick a prize and lucky me she chose a recorder.
It makes lovely music, let me tell you.                              

Nonna comes to Texas

Last month, my mom came to visit us.
We had a lot of fun, but like usual, I forgot to bring my camera along to catch the action.
We played and played and played some more. 
Ate at Texas Roadhouse, went shopping, went to the park, got frozen yogurt, and even visited the Houston Downtown Aquarium! 

Here are a few pictures we snapped right before she left...

beautiful life

I have the most gorgeous girls.

Looking at these pictures makes my heart hurt, 
in the best kind of way.