Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wide range of emotion

We're going stir crazy.
I feel like my brain has gone to mush. I've been finding myself saying words, such as...
yuh huh
What has happened to me??

It's the snow. I blame it on the snow.
There must be some powerful characteristic in snow that sucks out the intelligence of stay at home mothers.
Or maybe just me.

Thanksgiving was good and fine.
We spent it with great people and basically just loved having company, period.
But now I'm dreaming of Christmas.
Longing for Christmas.
Desperately NEEDING Christmas to get here quickly, so I can escape this snow prison.

The girls are doing fabulously.
Layla is excelling in all areas of study.
Grammar (unlike me)
I love it when I catch her doing something that I thought she didn't know how to do.
Like... yesterday she was sitting up at the counter with a worksheet of hers, from school. It had her name and a few other short words on it. She began to state each letter and then say it's sound. Practically reading! She did this with "Nest" and "Best".
She can draw a person with amazing likeness now too.
Eyes, lips, nose, ears, hair, body.... you get the picture.
I should find a picture of hers to post on here, you'd be amazed.
OH! and she's been sleeping in her bed for a whole week without any nightime wakings! I'm so proud of her!

Although there aren't any pictures of her in this post,
(besides the ones on the wall)
we've been having SO much fun with Gwen lately too!
She is learning so many new things at RAPID speed.
She signs: milk, please, more, mommy, and tree.
Folds her arms (occasionally) when we pray.
Woofs like a dog when she sees one.
Can say Daddy, Mommy, Layla, and Up pretty clearly.
She gives kisses and then claps afterward.
She took a few little steps the other day, purely by accident and it scared her a bit so I doubt she'll be repeating that again anytime soon.
She LOVES Baby Einstein, her blankie, applesauce, and bananas.
She goes NUTS over yogurt, her Mommy, balls, and being outside.

These little crazies are really what keep me sane this time of year.
Love them.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hide and Seek and a Robot

We were playing hide and seek and this where Layla decided to hide...

I see you!
Oh and the ribbon, if you were wondering, was tied on to create a wagon of sorts.
Then, the next night Layla found yet another box and came up to us and said,
"I am a Robot. I am nice."
So reassuring.

We're starting to get quite creative around here because of all the snow.
Hopefully we wont run out of ideas too soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

That darn white stuff

This is the beginning...

but I don't really mind being stuck inside with these cuties.

a quaint party

We had an actual party for Gwen, again nothing fancy, but I don't really think she minded much.
I made a chocolate cake (and "magical frosting") I'd been dying to make from the blog: Mel's Kitchen Cafe. It was pretty darn tasty, but honestly not my favorite. I think I still like Hershey's Chocolate Cake recipe best... the one on the coco powder container.

We had a few lovely guests... Thank Derek and Taylor for coming!
My Mom, Breanna, her friends Aubrey and Scottie were also there. No pictures of them... because they aren't as cool.
I just spaced out on that.

And... LAYLA with a Cabbage Patch Kids tag on her face.

She likes it?

This was her Birthday present from us...

She really does like it.

Nonna's Bed

My mom came, but you wouldn't know it, because I didn't take a single picture of her.
What is with me lately??
There is proof here though, the air mattress.
Kids LOVE air mattresses. Blow one up and voila, instant excitement.
My mom decided to be very generous this stay and allow Gwen to keep her room. This put her in the living room. The girls LOVED lounging on that bed at all times of the day and here they are taking a little break from all the early morning fun.

I love that they love each other.
(I guess you can't see that Layla was beginning to thrust her chest upward, propelling Gwen into the air... but why ruin a sweet moment)

A little cupcake

The night of her actual Birthday.
Little Gwen's Birthday is on Halloween, which is very fun, but also means we must be extra careful to make her feel individually special.
Sunday's are hard days, because it's just the girls and I left to accomplish MUCH without help from the Dad. I've learned to view them as rewarding and inspiring as well, which really helps get me through. Anyway...
Since I knew my Mom was coming the next week, I didn't go all out with the celebrating.
Excuse the stained bib and jammies from the 90's. Gotta love hand-me-downs. Despite all of that rambling, Gwen's cupcake experience was still very entertaining.

"You're giving that to me??"
"Woo hoo! I'm a big girl now! My very own piece of heaven!"
"What the!?"
"Okay, so maybe the second touch won't feel so icky..."
"I was wrong! It definitely still feels weird!"
"But now that I actually stop and taste what's been plastered on my lips..."
"It's pretty darn good!!"
(Sorry for the narration... couldn't resist)
I love my one year old!


Seems as though I just blinked and Halloween was over.
We had fun, we really did.
Layla was Cinderella by request, actually had her mind made since last Halloween.
And Gwennie, she was supposed to be a cupcake, but the costume sold out. So... she was a pumpkin. Can't go wrong as a pumpkin... when you're a baby at least.
We went to our ward's Halloween party. It was so much fun seeing all the creative costumes. Did I get pictures of them??
Shoulda coulda woulda.

This is Sister Murri. Our hero. She sits with the girls and I on Sunday, while my husband is off prancing around in some single student ward... psh!
Just kidding Tanner, love you.

We also went to Tanner's ward's Halloween party.
Layla was quite mesmerized by all the student's costumes.
I think she stared at the guy dressed as The King (from the Burger King commercials) for like 10 mins straight. She's doing that here...
(did I get a picture of him?? nope.)

And Gwen's love affair with sugar has officially begun.
She inhaled this sucker in a matter of minutes.
Did you know they made tootsie roll pops in banana flavor?

Ahh the beautiful Rexburg sunsets. What a beautiful sky.
Happy late, late, late, late, late Halloween.

Monday, November 1, 2010

One Year Old

Sweet, sweet girl.

How can you already be a year old? Was it not just yesterday that I held you, this teeny tiny bundle of pink, bundled up and oh so perfect?

Just a few blinks and babyhood passes you by.

Wait, wait... not yet! I need more baby cuddles and tiny fingers grasping my hand. I need to inhale all your sweet baby aroma before it fades. I need to hear that soft whimper and know that I am all you need to be soothed. I need to bathe in that intense feeling of love that only a tiny baby holds for her mother. I need you to slow down with all this growing up business, please?

I love you my special girl and no matter what age you are, you will always be my baby.

Gwen is such a bright little spirit. Usually happy and content with life as it is. She LOVES her family and is still QUITE fond of her mother... what can I say, I'm the coolest. She LOVES food and will inhale most things edible placed before her, yet she's still on the tiny side. She is learning how to defend herself against her tyrant of a sister, Layla. Although they share many kind/ fun moments together as well. Layla still interprets everything that Gwen says, in such a silly, almost "possessed" tone of voice. It's really the weirdest thing. Example:
Me: "Gwennie, are you finished eating your lunch?"
Layla: "Noooo Mommy, I'm still hungrryyyyy" (imagine a raspy, deep voice here)
I don't know why Layla thinks that Gwen should have a chain smoking, grandpa voice.
Gwen sleeps really well, and is very healthy. She shows NO interest in walking and would much rather speed crawl anywhere. She can sign:
* Milk (her favorite sign)
* All done
* Please
* More
* and sometimes Tired.

and can say...
Mama, Layla, Dada, Beep, kiss, baby, and All done... out off all of those though, she says "Layla" the clearest. So cute.

It's hard to imagine our family without you.

Thankfully we don't have to.