Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nonna's Birthday

It was my Mom's Birthday on Thursday.
We sang Happy Birthday to her on Skype and drew a few pictures.
And even got cupcakes!

I don't normally let Gwen play with forks... but it was the only thing making her sit still.

Cupcakes from The Cocoa Bean.
Mexican Chocolate and Vanilla Vanilla.
Mmmm mmmmmm.
And, Layla's drawings...
They do require some explaining.
The picture on the left was her first sketch of Nonna, but quickly discovered that she looked, "scary".
So she tried again in orange on the next one and succeeded in making her appear more friendly.
Uncle Paul is the blue face next to Nonna and Billy is the tiny face... she said Billy looks like a "teeny tiny pizza".
So there you have it. Along with a cake and a present.

I wish we could have been there for real, with you Nonna to celebrate!
We love you and are so glad you had a fun day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's true!

Baby #3 is on the way!
Crazy, yes I know.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Group Shot

Can't tell you how chaotic this was.
Parent's everywhere behind me, trying to get their children to look.
I'm no photographer, or else I would have thought of a better plan.
You can still see how stinkin cute these kids are!
I love them all!

(Back Row: Isaac, Max, Bayley, Brittyn, Ruby, Isaiah.
Front Row: Ethan, Danica, Angelina, Emma, Tyler, Sadie, Gwen, and Layla)

That's all 14 folks!
And here they are, showing their true colors...

And with Grandma Colleen.
Best Grandma EVER!
(Nonna is still the best Nonna ever, this way it's even!)

Thanks for putting up with us all over Christmas break.
It was crazy, but we had a great time!

(Just want to add that I would have LOVED to have some cool photoshop program, where I could swap heads, while editing these pictures. Then I would have been able to get one with everyone looking at the camera... even if it was a trick)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meet the Cousins

Brittyn, Danica, and Tyler.
The walking babies.
They were a lot of fun over Christmas, watching them pal around, getting into mischief.
Love them!

Here's a group picture of the babies.
Gwen was always a bit reluctant to join the bunch for fear of them looking at her the wrong way or even touching her.
She's quite sensitive.

Lovely Layla

Most handsome little guy, Tyler.
I just think he's the cutest!

Max and Isaac
Great buddies.

Sweet Sadie
Gorgeous girl.

Love his pose with the "stick gun"
Such a fun little boy.

Pretty Angelina

Never a dull moment with this guy.
Miss you bud!

Emma and Ruby
Quite the pair.
Great friends to Layla too!
I just realized that I don't have a picture of Bayley!! Sorry!
Everyone was scattered everywhere that day...
My niece Bayley is the oldest Steveson Grandkid and such a talented, beautiful young lady.
You'll have to try to spot her in the pictures to come.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Before Christmas...

The girls and I were starting to get pretty anxious about going home to WA for Christmas.
We had our house decorated, but knew that we'd be leaving soon to join the family for the real festivities!

Look at those peepers!

Do all Mothers think their babies look just as cute when they aren't facing the camera?
I think she's absolutely gorgeous looking down as well.

Layla gave her a little prop.

You can't really tell, but all the hair on top of Gwen's head is sticking straight up.
I love post-nap hair.

And Layla couldn't miss out on a picture...
My messy faced beauty!
We left for Washington on the 17th, I think.. and stayed until the 31st.
Lots of fun, but I've realized that I don't pull my camera out much unless I'm bored.
I definitely was not bored over break, so not many pictures to share.
I'll work on that.
But I did manage to document the first annual Steveson Cousin Christmas Party!
Pictures of that coming soon!