Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last day of Kindergarten

My big Layla girl is already finished with Kindergarten!
I can barely believe it.
She was THRILLED to be going today, (without a backpack) because of the end of the year party.
I was totally cool all morning, getting her ready for kinder one last time, but OH MAN coming home and making this little collage turned me to mush.

Look at how big she looks! 
Layla has grown a whole brick in height! 
Her baby fat has disappeared and she has so much more confidence as well!
I miss that little Fresh Beat Band loving child, that sweet, unaffected innocence.
But this new bright, shiny girl is ready for the world and I love her more than ever!
Hooray for SUMMER!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ft. Rosecrans and Cabrillo Nat. Monument

I was able to go with my Mom down to San Diego to help with her brother, my Uncle Keith. 
He has autism, among other issues, but is the sweetest man.
We were able to go visit Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery, where my Papa is buried.
I had been there once before as a young teen and had forgotten (or just failed to appreciate)
just how amazingly beautiful it is on that peninsula. 

We were able to drive down further to see the tidepools at Cabrillo National Park.

Can you see me?

Beautiful San Diego

Inside the lighthouse (the actual monument)

Don't ya love how the wind makes it look like my hair was chopped off.
It's great.

Bluebonnets in April

The girls and I drove out to Brenham, TX one sunny day to see the bluebonnets. 
The girls were in awe of the gorgeous blue flowers. 
I had a hard time getting their attention, because they were just mesmerized!