Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a basket case

Gwennie @ 5 mo.

Gwennie really is a sunshine girl. So smiley and happy. Doesn't fuss much, just enjoys life.
We just love her to pieces.

Things she's doing:
- Loves to "talk" and makes the most adorable cooing sound, that's very unique to Gwen.
(I'll have to catch it on video)
- Getting closer to actual rolling. No more of that random rolling non-sense.
- She has started laughing HARD and it's to die for! Things that get her going are tickles on her tummy, Mommy making high pitched noises, touching her feet to her cheeks, and her #1 favorite is LAYLA. Layla jumping, Layla singing, Layla just walking past her... all can be HILARIOUS.
- She weighs around 14lbs.
- Thankfully, she still sleeps through the night. Although she often stays up till 10:30-11pm.
- Her fuzzy hair is filling in.
- It looks as though Blue is here to stay. Here eyes are almost the exact same color as Layla's.
- She is SOOOOOOO content. I can lay her down on her play mat and make an entire meal, start to finish, without hearing a peep... and if I'm lucky, I can eat it too. Peacefully.
- She likes Layla's shows.
- She startles easily... as does Layla who is STILL afraid of the vacuum and will RUN, no SPRINT to her room, bawling, the minute you take it out of the closet.
- She makes THE SADDEST Sad Face, but the BRIGHTEST, LOVELIEST Happy Face.

She's a doll.

Monday, March 22, 2010

nap strike

"Mom! Take a picture! I upside down!"
I have to admit that this picture does look rather strange... but it was funny.
Layla has made it VERY clear that naps are a thing of the past.
She'll kick, scream, cry, etc. until you agree.
Oh the joys of motherhood.

But I love her beyond words.

As we were getting ready for bed tonight, Layla asks for her milk.
L: "Can I have some warm milk Mommy?"
Me: "Sure you can"
L: " I CAN??? Thank you! That makes me feel so much better. You are my hero!"

Tanner and I have NO clue as to where she gets these things.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Robot Girl

Robot Girl has been Layla's newest alter-ego.
Robot girl has many super strengths:

She can climb really, really high.
Stomp on Mommies who get in her way.
Make seriously intimidating robot noises while getting into her armor.
I love Robot Girl.
She's my favorite.
Can't forget the "Robot Smile".

THE exersaucer

We pulled out the trusty, hand-me-down, exersaucer the other day and once again... it's a hit!

All of a sudden, miss crazy haired, onesie girl, minus the pants comes and attacks!!
The look says it all...
Who knew that such an expression could come from a 4 mo. old?

Bless you!

a full chart!

She thought it'd be more fun to wear the chart.
We're so proud of her!
Now, if only she'd go #2 in the potty...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gwen 4 mo.

13.6 lbs. 48%
24.8 in. 67%

She's growing. We are so happy that little Gwen is a part of our family. It's hard to imagine life without this precious little spirit now. She's still VERY happy and content. She loves to stand and actually enjoys tummy time. Sparkly blue eyes and light brown hair, she's gorgeous.