Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Cousins!

Here are the 3 newest girls to join the Steveson Grandkid bunch!
Gwennie (3 wks.), Danika (4 mo.), and Brittyn (6 mo.)
We're just missing Leah's little guy, Tyler!

I thought it was so cute that they had matching outfits. Gotta love the hoods!
These girls will be best friends for sure!

Monday, November 16, 2009

look a likes? maybe...

Layla at 2 weeks

Gwennie at 2 weeks (Eyes closed, sorry. She's a deep sleeper)
It's funny, because at times I think they look similar and then most other times I think they look completely different. I immediately thought of Layla's picture once I saw this one of Gwen. It's so fun having two beautiful girls!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Time for a comparison

My two girls:

Here's Layla at a week old.

And Gwen one week old.

Similarities, but obvious differences as well. Both of my girls have gorgeous mouths, but Layla seems to have gotten the puffier, poutier lips and Gwen's mouth is just bigger and she's definitely got a wider smile.

I can't wait to watch Gwennie grow and develop more into her beautiful self. It'll be fun to see her with a little more chub on her bones!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gwenyth Ivy

Gwenyth Ivy Steveson
October 31, 2009
5 lbs. 13 oz. 19 in.

We have a little Halloween baby! Little Gwen has been such an angel, exceeding everyone's expectations on how wonderful and cooperative an early baby can be. I have been SUPER lucky to have my husband here with me. My biggest wish throughout this pregnancy has been to have Tanner make for her birth. He came up to visit on Friday, just for the weekend and what do ya know, my contractions started that evening! I was admitted around 4 am, still at 2 cm dilated. We just waited around, I took a long bath, tried to sleep, dilating a centimeter every hour or so. The doc finally broke my water around 10 am and 3 short hours later, little miss Gwenyth was born! I've got to say that this labor was a very different experience, compared with my first. Seemed to take a while longer to really get going, BUT I'd have to say that it was definitely less traumatic. Much calmer.

Because she was born 3 weeks early, they decided to keep her in the nursery the first couple of nights. Luckily it wasn't for anything serious, just to play things on the safe side. She did really well, never needed an IV or any medications. So after 1 extra day at the hosptial (which seemed much longer), we were able to take our Gwennie girl home!

She's definitely got some lips! Her mouth is quite big as well :)

Moments after Gwen was born. Not a very flattering picture of myself, but it was a precious moment.

Our little sleeper. You really do forget just how much new babies sleep! Hopefully I can get more pictures up later. Layla has been adjusting really well. It has helped a lot to have so many helpers around. She is always wondering where the baby is and says she's SO CUTE. One silly thing is that she won't allow anyone else to hold her for very long, because that's, "Mommy's baby." hehe. So funny. I feel very blessed to be the Mommy of TWO beautiful, healthy girls and have the most amazing husband by my side.