Sunday, May 31, 2009

I LOVE pictures!

Here are some more pictures from our trip to WA. I just LOVE taking pictures of my Layla girl, so I'm sorry if you get tired of looking at only her. I will put a picture of myself (particularly my belly) soon, as I have been receiving many requests to see it. Really though, just imagine me... now a bit chubbier with a roll in the middle. There ya go!
Swimming in Nonna's pool. I love how light her hair gets in the sun!

Scanning Grandma's backyard for something fun.

Swinging is her favorite obsession

Looking at stuff on the swing set

Trapped inside the playhouse!! She really did shut herself in. She started knocking on the door saying, "Mommy! Help!!" 

I love my in-law's fence in the front yard. Layla always goes to it, because she thinks she might find a way to escape.

They live in Edgewood, which I think is such a beautiful town. Lots of green and quite a bit of color right now with all the flowers in bloom. I like how the sign says Dead End as Layla has reached the rocks along the fence.

"Mommy, out peeze."

I thought it was so cute how the sun gave Layla a bright earring!

The end :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Washington Visit!

Layla loves her Nonna! She took us out to do a bunch of fun stuff. Here's Layla getting spoiled at the mall. She loves these rides. This ride has Tigger sitting across from you in a boat. She kept saying, "Hi Tigger, Weeee!" It was fun.

Pure Joy!

For some reason she is in LOVE with the mannequins at Old Navy. She calls them statues and goes up to each one, "Hi Boy statue, Hi doggie statue, Hi girl statue...." It takes a while.

Here we are at the Point Defiance Zoo. She LOVES sharks too. Crazy girl. Although she looks scared in this picture, it was only because there were a million people staring and waiting their turns. I think she was confused when I was calling her name. She couldn't quite figure out where I was.

I threw a baby shower for my friend Heather and I think things turned out really nice! Layla
 loved all the food

Here are some of the cupcakes. Cute huh?

Layla loved the presents a little too much.

My Birthday was on the 16th. We celebrated here at my Mom's. 

She was practicing blowing the candles out for her Birthday this summer!

Layla and Daddy. So cute!

Layla loves shoes (and slippers), what girl doesn't?

And here's Nonna's Bed. She will walk right into her house and say, "Nonna's bed, peeze??" She LOVES to jump and play on Nonna's huge bed. My mom certainly got a work out with out little miss.


Making cookies!! We sure did eat a lot of yummy food up in Washington. Too much yummy food. I'm definitely starting to look pregnant now at 14 weeks, and am packing on the pounds much quicker than I did with Layla. Oh well! Time to get out my maternity stuff! Yippee!!

2 Things I'm really bummed about are missing the arrival of the new Steveson cousin! My sister in law, Neeley is about to pop and it's looking likely that she'll be induced the day after we've left. No fair! And... Tanner's nephew Isaiah's super fun Birthday party, which is being celebrated the day after we leave too!! Well I can't wait to see pictures of both!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Layla LOVES to sit on my lap if I'm blogging or checking friend's blogs. Her blue eyes are so electric in this picture, although she happens to be a bit blurry all together (it's because she doesn't sit still ever!) 

Her cheeks are still VERY kissable!

Okay, before you call Child Protective Services on us, it's WATER in the spray bottle. It's to help iron out the wrinkles in Tanner's shirts and Layla now thinks it's the best toy ever...

Oh and I LOVE how she points out Tanner's "big" nose at the end. hehe. It's really not that big!

New Jammies and a Spin

Layla is the goofiest girl I know. We went to Idaho Falls and got her some new p.j.'s from Old Navy and she LOVES them. She had to wear them right away. She calls these ones her, "batey bug jammies". She is always lounging on her couch in the weirdest positions too. Here, she's admiring her belly button. What a goof!

Here's a cute video of Tanner and Layla playing together. She started to get REALLY dizzy and wasn't quite sure if she wanted to go again... 

Uh oh!

Today has been a pretty laid back, relaxing day. We did some chores and then just watched movies... oh and made cheesecake (and it's halfway gone) Woops! Oh well. At one point of the day I was in the kitchen cleaning dishes and heard Tanner go upstairs and Layla follow him. I thought nothing of it and continued with my task. I realized that it had been a while since I'd heard that little voice and I can usually still hear her when she's upstairs talking to Tanner. I immediately dropped everything and ran up to find her. 

She was sitting in a puddle of lotion and had managed to massage it over her whole body.

She was nervously saying, "cheese" in this picture because she knew she did a "no no".