Saturday, December 31, 2011

The tree

Layla 2011

This has been a year of change for my Layla girl.
She's becoming more and more independent every day.
You can do so much at 4 years old, yet still need a lot of help.
She can write her name beautifully.
Beginning to read well.
Has counted up to 100.
She is a great big sister to 2 little sisters.
Extremely imaginative, hilarious, sensitive, fun loving, stubborn, and sweet toothed.
Gets spooked pretty easily and has been known to visit time out often.
She can be your best, most sweet friend. 
But also knows how to pick on you without mercy.
We love our little beautiful Layla
and wouldn't change a thing about her.

We made it!

Okay, so this was in the midst of chaos, when we first got to our new house. 
Unpacking is such a chore, especially when you're trying to get ready for Christmas! 
Thankfully we have our little, dependable fake tree! 
(Yeah, we know we need new furniture...)

The girls have been so excited to be able to play outside, in December!
Some days you need a coat, but most days you don't really. 
(Today it was about 76 degrees out!)

Here's Layla showing me around our tiny yard. 
It's fenced in, that's all that matters to me!
We really do love it.
More pictures of the place to come.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We're moving to Texas!
Tanner accepted a job in Houston and we'll be leaving around Thanksgiving!

Maggie's toy

My mom got Maggie this little play mat before she was born.
She LOVES it.
It's so cute to see her kick and squirm with excitement.
She grabs the little stars and holds on tight.
I love watching my babies grow.
Can't believe she's 3 months now!!


This Halloween was fun, but wild at the same time.
Taking 3 little girls trick or treating, without Tanner's help is a handful.
Thankfully we went with our friends the Haderlie's around our block first. 
They had fun trick or treating, finally getting the hang of it as we were finishing.
Then we decided to head over to Green Gables for some trunk or treating.
Not really sure why I thought that'd be a good idea, since 2 of my 3 girls were DONE with the wind and cold.
I don't blame them.
But we did it and had fun anyway and got lots of candy to prove it!

Here's Layla as Ariel the little mermaid.

And Gwen as Dora... although you can't really tell, besides the small picture of Dora on the front.
Oh well, she loves it!

And I bundled Maggie up in her warm suit and figured that worked well enough as a costume.
My little bear!

Gwen's Birthday!

My little Gwennie turned 2 on Halloween!
We decided to celebrate on Sunday after church and a quick nap.
Gwen was so excited to see all the decorations!
She kept saying, "Gwennie's Birfday! Blow a candles! Suprwise! Pwesents!"
She loved it all!

My Mom came this last weekend to celebrate with us 
(thank goodness, because Tanner had to fly to Texas to start his new job!)
She helped a LOT!
And Breanna was able to come over too!

I love Gwen's face in this picture!

Can you tell that she was excited about blowing those candles out??
Love it!

Happy 2nd Birthday Gwen!
We love you!