Thursday, April 26, 2012

best friends

Almost nothing thrills me more than watching these sisters become best friends.

In the garden.

This is the first year we've attempted a garden.
So far we've got squash, cucumbers, corn, peas, and green beans.
Maybe a tiny lettuce plant.... maybe. 
I was hesitant to plant anything, but knew that it was a good idea regardless of my enthusiasm. 
Almost as soon as I started, I fell in love.
Getting my hands dirty doesn't bother me. 
Weeding and rearranging is kind of theraputic. 
Planting those seeds and watching them grow was, dare I say, thrilling! 
I'm a nerd, I've already surrendered to that fact.

I didn't get pictures of everything and please excuse the weeds.
Oh and there are also pics of my girls... like usual.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A bright window.

I finally took down the blankets that were covering the girl's window.
(since Gwen no longer takes
It let in a ton of light and the girls were thrilled.
They spent the whole afternoon playing and bouncing around in there.

The simple pleasures in life are so great.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maggie 8 months

Little Mags is 8 months and it's blowing me away just how fast time is flying by.
She really is the sweetest little thing. 
Only weighs 16lbs.
Getting better and better at crawling every day (started right before the 8 month mark)
and pulls herself up on everything!
Her mouth is tiny, but her smile is big.
She loves to eat. LOVES food.
sweet potatoes

Least Favorites:

I love going to get my babies when they wake from their naps.
It's really the best thing in the world.
She wiggles and pants and whips her head all around trying to get the best view of her mama. 
I love it.
She's saying "dada" and "mama"
and according to Layla, she knows how to say, "juice"

She loves her sisters with a passion. 
Laughs hysterically at whatever Layla is doing.
and loves to pull Gwen's hair... and Gwen lets her.

I love my baby and wish she could be frozen in time, so I could keep her little forever.