Friday, January 25, 2013


These two little sidekicks are the best!
I'm so lucky to be able to share my days with them.
I hope that someday they'll be really close and have that special sister connection that I only dreamed about.

Gwen and Maggie really are a funny team.
Gwen is a little comedian, yet a bit more quiet, more reserved. 
Subtle humor.
Maggie is loud, unapologetic, just lets loose. 
In your face.

I love seeing how their little personalities fit into our family.
The most beautiful little girls, inside and out.
I feel like I've won the lottery! 

She's thinking...

and has an idea!

"Mom, I'm Santa Claus!"

I know there's an excessive amount of pictures... 
Congratulations! You've made it through them all!
I have the hardest time narrowing it down...
so I don't!

Alligator Cake

I had fun trying to make an Alligator cake for our friend Hayden's 4th Birthday.
I think it turned out fun!

Matchy Matching

I think this was one of the last days of Christmas break before Layla went back to school. 
We stayed home and cleaned up, but made sure to have a little fun too.

Woah! She got angry.

So sad...

don't pay much attention to my jammies and plethora of acne...
wait, did I just draw attention to those things?

An inflatable pool toy in the house always cheers a person up!

I allowed Layla a game or two to play online.
Gwen LOVES to watch.

Today's choice was PBS kids