Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's a...


And yes, we're very excited!
This was exactly how I'd envisioned our family, full of beautiful girls.
Tanner is happy too, don't get me wrong...
but as we were leaving the ultrasound place, he did mention something along the lines of...
"We're done!"

We'll see about that.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

16 weeks.

Yep, there's a baby growing in there.
Kinda spectacular.

I feel like I need to SLOW DOWN and pay closer attention to this little miracle.
It's nearly impossible though, at the pace my life is speeding by these days.
He/she is already squirming around quite a bit, which is lots of fun.
About 3 more weeks and we'll know, (hopefully)
Him or Her.

Can't wait!

A Drink?

That's one sad little girl...

and a happy one!

But why is she so blue?

Maybe she just wants a drink.
(this is her signing drink...)

And not just any drink.
A fancy, fruity drink.
Way too much fun.

She's serious about her drinking.

Now they're both just content.

And a little kissy.

And maybe a little burpy.
(seriously, have you seen a baby with a larger mouth??)

"oh, excuse me."

Oh, how I long for summer.
We've had about enough of this...
And that's the end of my pointless post.

Look what I found...

Often times I will find Layla curled up, snoozing away, after I put Gwen sleep.
Usually it's on the couch, right next to her snoring Dad.
This is what I found last week.

She had flipped the coffee table over and made herself comfortable.
Piggy nestled close by and everything.
What a silly.
I was able to do the dishes and pick up the whole house
before finally hauling her upstairs to bed.
It was amazing.