Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lovely Tree

It's a little silly to think about all the joy that comes from setting up a TREE in your home.
But it's true.
I love the magic of a Christmas tree.

I actually get sad in the morning when I wake up, after Tanner has gone to work,
and see the tree unlit.
I kind of rush to turn it on.

Yeah, it's a fake. So what? It's still pretty.

Layla took this of Gwen and I.
I love Gwen's thoughtful expression, gazing towards the tree...

When babies have milk on their faces it instantly makes them look smaller,
younger, more babylike.

Merry Early Christmas
(This is just incase I forget about blogging again)

The closet is SO much fun.

Who knew?

Gwen and I played in the closet for about a half hour the other day...
(in baby time, that's almost forever)

Peek-a-boo in the dresses.
T-shirts became scarfs.
Shoes were fun toys to chuck at the wall.

It was GRAND.

and so is SHE.


Here it was...
Apple pie heaven.

And a glorious turkey...

And all the delicious fixin's...

And 7 mouthwatering pies...

And some Rockband with friends...

Equals a happy Gwen...

And a comatose Layla,
shocked from all the good food and sugar...

Happy Late Thanksgiving.

shrieks of joy and disappointment

Gwen is gazing out the window at her sister frolicking in the snow.
She must surely be longing for a chance to go out as well.

This really does sum it up...

At the very same moment,
Layla squeals with joy.
How ironic.

Oh my little fluffy haired babe.
You're time will come all too soon.
I already feel the pull that toddlerhood has on you...
Please stick around in babyville for a while longer.

How can I blame you though, when SHE makes all that kid stuff look so fun.


Soon enough, little one.