Saturday, June 5, 2010

blue skies

Today was a BLUE day...
no, not in the depressing kind of way.

Could her eyes be ANY more blue?!

The neighborhood kids like to play in the long stretch of "backyard" behind the complex and tend to leave toys scattered about. We opened our backdoor to find an abandoned baby on our back step. Layla was very eager to adopt her.
She felt sorry for her...

Nothing beats a bike ride in the bark...

...well, being swung around by Dad might be a little better.

Have I mentioned yet how BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS it was today?
And how weird it was that we were ALL wearing a similar shade of blue??
(You'll just have to believe that I was wearing blue as well... I really was)

I LOVE Layla's Face in this picture below... bliss.
best. Dad. ever.
love hair highlighted by sun.

Thank you sunny day for making me feel HAPPY.

Sticker Face

Wednesday, June 2, 2010