Monday, September 28, 2009

The Puyallup Fair

My mom is the coolest Nonna. She took Layla to the fair, because I wasn't allowed to (Doctor's orders). She had a BLAST. Here was here favorite souvenir, a bubble gun!

Bunnies! I think she was a little amazed at how big they are in person.

sure does love chickies.

My mom said she LOVED the rides, wanting to go on everything. I guess she was a tad bit too short for a couple of rides and the workers would ask if she could give a high five and she would, every time! That's my girl. So she was able to ride anyway!

She looks a little nervous about these swings though :)

Taking a relaxing float down the "river".

The fair wouldn't be complete without some kind of treat. Cotton Candy is definitely her fav.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The BEST Surprise!

My amazing, super hot HUSBAND!

I was sitting in the living room yesterday evening when all of a sudden, in walks my Tanner! Tears instantly formed and I seriously could not think of anything better (in the whole entire world) than seeing him in that moment. I guess he just decided, spur of the moment, that he needed to see me too. Moments like this are priceless, more valuable than gold. Especially after going 2 weeks as a pregnant, single mom of a very rambunctious 2 year old. I love my husband more than words can express.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seattle Children's Museum

My mom took Layla and I to the Children's Museum in Seattle. It was a lot of fun. Layla was a little overwhelmed by the amount of kids there, so we tried to avoid high traffic areas, but overall she loved it! Here she is quilting.

She loved pushing the button to make the ball float! She looks so little next to this exhibit :)

Climbing the turtle

I thought this storybook section was really cute. My mom looks equally cute sitting in Mama Bear's comfy chair.

In the end, it was the slug that stole my daughter's heart. Of course, it was SO much more appealing to her after learning that it was a "sluggy bank" too. She put all the pennies I had in that little slug.

My Layla girl is 2!

It was a piggy party! I had asked Layla what kind of cake she wanted, and immediately replied, "a piggy cake!!" So here we have him:

Here's the Birthday girl playing with her favorite present, $1 balloons.

Getting ready for cake. (I don't have a camera anymore due to a lethal juice spill in the diaper bag, so I have NOT taken any pregnancy pictures. To be honest, I've been kinda relieved, because I am growing rapidly) Here's a front view, which does the least amount of damage :) 30 weeks.

My Brothers both came up for the festivities, Paul even drove all the way from Ellensburg. It was really nice to see em both!

A few of Layla's fun cousins: Sadie, Max, and Isaac.

She didn't need much help opening all her presents, although her cousins were more than willing to lend a hand.

And a play kitchen was her big surprise from Nonna! So fun!

And we ended the day with some bubble blowing in the backyard. What a fun Birthday!