Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dec. 2013

December 2013

Seems like I blinked and now it's 9 months later! 
How does that happen? 
Magic of having kids and too much fun, I guess.

From what I remember about this month, I ended up getting really sick. Christmas morning I took a trip to urgent care and ended up passing out from some psycho antibiotic shot they gave me in my behind. 
Anyway... I actually ended up in the hospital a few days later with a bad kidney infection. When you're pregnant, they don't like messing around with infections, so I stayed a couple days, to make sure it was being treated correctly.

Christmas was great though.
Nonna came to stay and the girls were in heaven!
We did our usual, baking cookies, gingerbread house decorating, Christmas light hunting, reindeer food, all the good stuff.
BUT I don't think I have pictures.

I do have some random ones (mostly cell phone photos) that I'll post for memory sake:

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